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My inspiration is drawn from the Nature Spirits that have surrounded my life since I was a little girl. Enchantment lies within the forests that speak their ancient magic, the mountains, the deserts, the sea - the rich colors of dusk and twilight, moss and fern, earth and sky. Each year I travel to the land of mist – Ireland, which has become an unending source of inspiration for my classes, my healing work, my paintings, my photography and my life. For the past 20 years I have worked with the Realm of Faery as a Pathworker beyond the Veil. I have dedicated my life to ensuring that their magic is remembered and maintained here upon this Earth and why I will continue to share my knowledge of their teachings, write and create until I pass to the Otherworld.

As an artist, I offer my creations as a portal to my visions of Faery and a way to tangibly work and connect to them. I strive to merge ancient relics and treasures of the past with the natural world around us to bridge our realms. As a storyteller, my art calls forth buried thoughts, emotions and things once thought lost but not forgotten-invoking the tapestry that weaves our lives. May the blessings of Faery and Nature be always upon you and your sacred journey.

Faoi Solas na Sióg (In Faery Light)
Joanna Rowan Mullane
May we always seek the light to bridge the gap between us...

I follow the Path of Nature, I am an author, Certified Herbalist & Aromatherapist, Folklorist, Artist. I am the creator of the online School "The Sidhe Grove" . You can find my book and art throughout shops in Ireland, (Newgrange & The Hill of Tara Gift Shops), Phoenix and Sedona AZ.

hedgefaeryavatar Joanna Rowan: Author, Artist, Folklorist, Herbalist and lover of the Wildwoods & the Nature Spirits that reside all around us.


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