Crafting Herbal Powders and Simples Workshop

**CRAFTING HERBAL POWDERS & SIMPLES; The Art of Wortcunning & Faery Folk Magic Workshop** 

For the past twenty years I have been working with, and learning from, the beloved Faeries and our beautiful Plant Kingdom. This journey has taught me much and it is a path I will follow for the remainder of my life. Ever since I was a child, I have lived my life betwixt and between, one foot in this world and the other with the Sidhe, a walker between the hedge filled with a deep reverence for all of Nature. 

This herbal workshop was created to share my knowledge of working with the Faeries so that others too may remember and keep the magic of Faery alive. It contains instructions, tips and ideas on the way that I craft my own herbal powders as well as some of my own recipes with beautiful images to inspire you! These workshops were created to be taken by anyone. 

Crafting Herbal Powders & Simples is an ongoing, go at your own pace workshop that you can start whenever you wish and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Once your purchase is completed, you will be emailed your PDF workshop file.


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