Creating Faery Altars

**CREATING FAERY ALTARS; Honoring the Spirits of the Wildwoods Within Your Space** 

Do you have a desire to commune and work with Faery and the Nature Spirits, would you like to create a sacred space of your own? There is nothing more sacred and empowering then creating your own personal altar. These are places of power, remembrance, honoring, meditation, reflection and most of all a place of connection to Spirit. In this beautiful workshop you will learn how to create small or large meaningful areas that help you to invite the presence of Faery. We will go over seasonal decor within the Wheel of the Year, candle colors, scent, cleansing and consecrating your altar and so much more!

This herbal workshop was created to share my knowledge of working with the Faeries so that others too may remember and keep the magic of Faery alive. These workshops can be taken by anyone. 

Creating Faery Altars is an ongoing, go at your own pace workshop that you can start whenever you wish and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Once your purchase is completed, you will be emailed the PDF file for download.


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