Faery Alchemy-A 6 Week Course

I have put together a very special six week online class to help you reclaim your connection to Nature, The Faeries and the sacred in the everyday. Filled with information and guidance based upon my years of working with the Faeries, it also contains videos and guided audio meditations to offer a beautiful and sacred journey! Travel with me betwixt and between and re-connect your Spirit to the Realm of Faery...

For the past nineteen years I have been working with, and learning from, the beloved Faery Realm and our beautiful Plant Kingdom. The more we can bridge the gap with Mother Nature, the closer that connection, and our bond, becomes. This class has been a labor of love and was created to share my knowledge of working with the Faeries so that others too may remember and keep the magic of Faery alive. This class was also inspired by my newly published book; Betwixt & Between, A Faery's Herbal, yet it stands alone, as you do not need to have read the book to benefit from the class however, they both compliment each other as the book goes deeper into the Herbal Arts. This class offers six weeks of Faery Alchemy assignments, Nature Journal Entries and weekly Sacred Prayers or Rituals. It also contains step by step videos and guided meditation journeys! Go at your own pace in the comfort of your own home and if you have questions at any time, simply email me!

Learn about:

* Creating Herbal Blends
* Faery Meditations, Prayers & Rituals
* Weekly Nature Journal Entries
* Space Clearing with the Faeries
* Faerie Gardens, Flowers & Trees
* Guided How-To Videos on creating a Nature Journal, a Faery Pouch, Faery Blessings Bundles & Much More!

This class is ongoing so you can start it whenever you want to. Once your purchase is completed, within a few hours (usually sooner!) I will send you the information and password on how to log-in to the class!


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