Faery Crystal Healing Online Certification

**FAERY CRYSTAL HEALING; Connecting the Wisdom of Crystals & the Faery Realm for Healing** 

One of the most important things we can do for the Earth and all creation, including ourselves as individuals, is to reconnect with the Beings and Intelligences of Nature. Alas, this class was created to bring back some of the sacred ways one can connect to our sacred Mineral Kingdom while working hand in hand with the Faeries, and in so doing, connecting our Spirits to that of the Earth once again bringing healing to ourselves and others. If only a handful of us become conscious of a need to be connected to all of Spirit and the old ways of the land, we would find just how easy and simple it is to bring balance and healing back to our hearts and our world. This course was brought forth to provide you information and tools that will connect you once again to the gifts the Earth creates for us as reminders of our connection to the magic of the unseen; the Crystals and Stones that make up our beautiful and powerful Mineral Kingdom!

This is not your typical crystal class! After my many years of training in various modalities there was something missing for me…our connection to the Earth, the Faeries, the Sidhe, the Elementals; all that make up “Faery”, that was almost non-existent. This course had to be manifested to show others how to not just work with crystals, as those are everywhere, but truly honor the Nature Spirits by showing how one can combine working and communing with Faery and our sacred Mineral & Stone Kingdoms, with a healing symbol gifted from the Realm of Faery. This class also serves to bridge the gap that I see in working on behalf of the Faery Kingdom. The Faeries and crystals do not work “for” us, they work “with” us. That is simply a reminder that we are all one, all connected within the Great Weave. With all that; Faery Crystal Healing is learning to connect to the healing energy of Nature by communing and working with Faery and our Mineral Kingdom together to help clear and balance oneself and others.

This class can be taken by anyone and is a go at your own pace online course. You will receive an energetic attunement by me to the Faery healing symbol that you and I will schedule prior to you beginning the class curriculum. When you have completed the requirements, you will receive a Faery Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification through The Sidhe Grove.  

Table of Contents


                    What Is Faery Crystal Healing?

                    The Faery Attunement Process

                    The Faery Healing Symbol ~ Introducing Leigheas

                    The “Fairy Stones”, from Myth and Folklore to Present Day

                    Attuning, Programming and Activating Your Faery Crystals & Stones

                    Setting Up A Faery Medicine Wheel

                    Communicating with Faeries Through Stones & Crystals

                    Gridding Your Home for Faery Healing, Protection and Communication

                    The Faery Crystal Healing Recipes:

o   Creating Crystal Gem Faery Elixirs

o   How to Make and Use the Faery Spirit Powders

o   Creating Crystal Faery Mists

                    The Crystal Healing Grove Initiation (Optional)

                    Faery Crystal Healing Sessions for Loved Ones & Clients

                    Reference Section

o   Types of Crystal Formations

o   Becoming an Instructor of Faery Crystal Healing


This is an ongoing, go at your own pace certification class that you can start whenever you wish and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Once your purchase is completed, you will be emailed the PDF manual file for download.


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