Giving Back to Nature


The beautiful desert to which I call home holds so much beauty, a different kind of beauty that some often have to look deeper to appreciate. From the healing plants to the beautiful array of wildlife, I honor all of it and do whatever I can to walk gently and give back what I can to this earth and her amazing inhabitants.

In Nature There Is Healing...

Ever since I was a child, I have had such a deep love and admiration for all animals, they touch my heart in a way that I can barely contain the reverence and bond that I feel. There is not one that is lesser or greater than the other, they are my equals and I honor their medicine they provide to my life and this world. To honor the gifts and joy they bring to me each day-I do my best to give them back all that I can. One way is to support organizations that I believe in. I support these organizations because I believe in their mission and what they stand for; equality of all creatures’ great and small and the preservation of our Earth. This is why:

·    10% of my income made from the combination of funds from this website and my online Etsy store, goes directly to supporting the ASPCA and American Forests.

·      I also adopt (financially support) each year three beautiful animals to offer gratitude to the Animal Spirits that I have had with me for over 15 years of my life: Raven, Bear and Snake. They are the animal spirits that I journey with for all of my sessions, other animals always come in and out at various times to offer their medicine as well, but those three are my A-Team (Animal Team Always with me) lol!

·      The desert heals…All of my herbal salves and oils that I create and offer in my shop are handmade by me with love and gratitude to the plant spirits. I do whatever I can to use wild-harvested or organic native plants harvested from my own local area out in nature or from my own garden. If that is not possible, I only purchase organic herbs and flowers from reputable companies. In either case, the spirit of the plant is always asked permission first to use its medicine while proper offerings of gratitude are left for the plant itself, the soil and the Earth. Never take more then you need and always give back to the Nature Spirits and Hidden Folk of the land.

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