Path of the Faery Doctor-7 Month Course

Journey of the Faery Doctor...

Long ago, we were one with the Spirits of the Earth, our energies our existence weaving like a web connecting to all that is and ever was. As co-creators with the Realm of the Nature Spirits, our connection to Faery was rooted and intertwined within our consciousness on a deep and sacred level. We communed with them, we interacted with them, we wove a beautiful tapestry of enchantment and magic with them and we honored and respected Nature. Then one day, we lost our own fairy sight, we left the enchanted woods filled with their love, beauty and laughter, we stopped talking to the trees, gazing at stars, leaving offerings and laments to the spirits that resided in the mountains, lakes and oceans, we stopped working with the plant spirits and the medicine stones of the Earth…we left as they slowly retreated back into the Hollow Hills, the mounds of the Summerlands, waiting for us to return to them once again…

Now my dear ones there is an awakening happening, can you feel it? Our long slumber has now reached its end and it is time for us to make our return to the wild woods, to let them know that we still honor the Earth. It is time to open our eyes and our hearts once again…to remember. It is time to live in harmony, to dance, to dream, to understand, to love and to heal…to strengthen our relations to Faery and Nature as a Faery Doctor.

The path of the Faery Doctor is very much a skill as it is a calling. If you are drawn to this path, then it is part of your journey at this time and your skills are much needed as this amazing work comes forth once again from the mists of time. This calling for me has been there since I was a child. As some of you know, I have heeded that call for the last 20 years of my life as it is my purpose to ensure the memory of Faery does not fade back into the Sidhe Mounds, that they are honored and remembered in this generation as well as ones to come. I leave these courses I write and co-create with Faery as my gift to them and to you! This work is very sacred to me and I uphold my promise I had as a young girl to bring their magic back from the Realm of Faery on my journeys with my guides, to all that heed the same call within their hearts. Welcome brothers and sisters of Nature, to the path of the Faery Doctor.

This path is a sacred one…our path, like any shamanic practitioner, is to act as the mediator between human and faery, to bridge the gap between us and work together for the healing of all. These 7 months of sacred knowledge gifted by Faery contains 7 monthly lessons honoring the 7 points of the Faery Star. Month by month we honor a different point of the star which acts as a gateway to the Otherworld, an entrance to the Realm of Faery as we traverse further each month, building and strengthening our relationship to them. The class blends Celtic Shamanic practices from my own heritage teaching you Faery doctoring methods of Faery healing and sacred magical workings, a blending of traditional folklore and magic.

We will traverse the Hollow Hills together as I lead you through monthly journeys or pathworkings with the Faeries. On this journey you will learn some of the core shamanic techniques tailored to working with Faery, we will create the tools necessary such as the Faery Medicine Bundle and The Faery Healing Pouch, we will learn how to work with the Faery Doctoring Medicine Stones and plant medicine that is crucial to your healing work with the Fae. You will learn to expand your consciousness so you begin to feel the presence of the faeries and hear messages from plants, animals, stones, and Nature Spirits. You will learn all new recipes for healing spiritual afflictions and learn to work with the Faery Sigils, all within a deeply rich class in which you can join at any time and go at your own pace!

Here is your outline for the first 3 months of the Fairy Doctoring Path:

1st Point – (Month 1): What is a Fairy Doctor / Fairy Doctress or Wise Woman-The History as we know it-as it has been recorded

Workshops: Creating your own medicine journal, ritual, wortcunning work, medicine stone work.

2nd Point – (Month 2): Traditional Faery Doctoring Methods

Workshop: The Faery Doctoring Medicine Stones, ritual, wortcunning work, medicine stone work.

3rd Point – (Month 3): Fairy Doctoring & Shamanism-a blending of the two

Workshop: creating your Fairy Medicine Bundle! The most essential and important part of Fairy Doctoring. Medicine Bundle assignment, ritual, wortcunning work, medicine stone work.

I have recently changed the way all my class lessons and information needed for each course is given. Now, upon payment completion, I will send each student a link with password to access all of the course lessons. You may download your lessons from this link as well.

In the Faery Doctoring course, I offer two paths to choose from. The First Path I offer is the Faery Doctoring Apprentice Level; this offers the online course and email support from me if and when you need it plus bonus discounts off items in my store. In this path, you go at your own pace month by month.

The Second Path I offer is the Faery Doctoring Path of the Wise Woman or Man. This is a special level that includes some very sacred items to get you started on your path as a Faery Doctor. The items that come with this level help support your studies in your 7 month course and beyond as you branch out and start your healing work as a Faery Doctor.Think of it as an investment in your healing work!

Path one is $175 for the Faery Doctoring Apprentice Level. With this chosen path one will receive:

  • A link with all your lessons in PDF format via email with a website link and password to access.
  • 10% off all products in my store each month enrolled-unlimited
  • Receive special discount offers exclusive to enrollment in this course
  • Beautiful Certificate of Completion as a Faery Doctor

Path two is $385 for the Faery Doctoring Path of the Wise Woman or Man. With this chosen path one will receive ALL the same goodies as the Apprentice Level PLUS:

  • The Faery Doctoring Herb Bundle which contains some sacred healing herbs used in lessons
  • The Fairy Doctoring Medicine Stones used in the course
  • Your own special Faery Stone also known as a Hag Stone or Holy Stone.

These items will be mailed out to you via Priority Mail before starting your month two course.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!




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