Path of the Faery Seeker 13 Month Course

Journey of the Faery Seeker...

The Path to discovering the sacred ways and teachings of The Shining Ones…A Sacred Space for ALL who seek the path to oneness with Nature and a return to Spirit.


The Sidhe Grove is a school of wisdom and knowledge for seekers longing to tread the Faery Path. It is the return home for the Spirits that feel as if they live with one foot in this world and the other within the Realm of Faery. It is a return to the arms of the Earth, to a sacred dwelling deep within the mounds of The Ancients…to commune and learn from them in a deep and spiritual dance of life and rebirth. No matter what Earthly Path you may follow…you are welcome here as a brother or sister of Nature.

On this journey, one will start out as a Faery Seeker within The Sidhe Grove where you will be given 13 Cairns, or Lessons, to complete within the Wheel of the Year. The definition of a Cairn is “a heap or mound of stones piled up as a landmark or memorial.” These Cairns, or lessons, act as those stones that are used to build up the knowledge of working with the Fae. These Cairns serve as your fundamental foundation, your landmark, based on the traditions, wisdom, and skills one will need to complete the path of the Faery Seeker for years to come. Upon enrollment each student will receive the following in an email with web link and password to access the following:

~Welcome Letter

~13 Cairns in PDF format for download

~Guided Meditations entitled “Journey to the Sidhe” in MP3 Format for download.

~Information on my guided yearly trip to Ireland offered only to The Sidhe Grove students.

Upon sign up and payment of this year long course, you will receive an email from me which will contain a link and password to access your Welcome Packet, monthly lessons and your meditation journey mp3 files. In saying that, each student will never be alone on this journey as your spiritual growth and learning is my primary concern. I am available through email to answer any questions one may have throughout the course. (All personal information is treated with strictest confidentiality)

The Cairns are designed to be worked on one per month following the Celtic Calendar. One can start anytime and can take as long as needed to complete each one, there is no time limit. This is not a curriculum to hurry through as it is sacred pathwork to be taken seriously if one is to truly grow spiritually and work with Faery. Although some of you may know some of the basics that are offered within the first Cairns, they are offered in accordance to working with the Fae and the Ancient Sidhe. Take your time, if you are truly committed to learning Faery Knowledge, each one should take one month or longer to complete.

After successfully completing the one year course, each student will receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion in recognition of their dedication to the Realm of Faery and as such are Herby recognized initiates as Faery Seekers of The Sidhe Grove.

                          YEAR ONE~FAERY SEEKER CURRICULUM:

·     CAIRN ONE: Traversing the Earthworks~The Fundamentals of Traveling Betwixt & Between: One will learn vital centering, grounding and shielding techniques, how to create and maintain Sacred Space, Protection, Sacred Symbols and Sigils.

·      CAIRN TWO: Within the Circle of Stones~The Fundamentals of working with Nature’s Elements and Sacred Quarters, the Three Worlds and the Faerie Star.

·     CAIRN THREE: The Ancient Ones of the Sidhe Mounds:~The Celtic Gods and Goddesses, Ancestors of the Land of Mist, Mythcraft, Lore and Alchemy of the Shining Ones.

·    CAIRN FOUR: The Great Shining Wheel ~Workings and sacred rites performed within the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Ancient celebrations honoring the Earth and the Spirits that reside, Working within The Between Times of Faery.

·      CAIRN FIVE: Faery Wort Cunning Part I~Basics of Faery Herbalism, Wort Cunning, Faery Doctors and Doctresses, Honoring the Plant Spirits, Aromatherapy, Healing with Herbs, Harvesting and storing Herbs, Lunar Phases.

·      CAIRN SIX: Faery Wort Cunning Part II~Faery pathworking recipes and Ancient and Modern Faery Chants and Charms.

·      CAIRN SEVEN: Faery Plant Lore~The sacred properties and attributes of the Plant Spirits

·      CAIRN EIGHT: Faery Tree Lore~The sacred properties and attributes of the Tree Spirits

·      CAIRN NINE: Sidhe Animals and Crystal Spirits~Connecting to the Animals, Winged Ones and Insects that act as messengers between our world and that of Faery, Crystal Guardians; Sacred Keepers of Faery Knowledge and wisdom, Animal Spirit Guide Meditation Journey

·      CAIRN TEN: Natures Altar~Setting up a Faery or Nature Altar, connecting to Nature through Faery Medicine Wheels and Stone Circles.

·      CAIRN ELEVEN: Faery Pathworking~traveling through the mound and preparing for the journey, Discovering your Faery Guide Meditation.

·      CAIRN TWELVE: Within the Faery Ring~ The Tools of the Trade, Faery Runes, The Faery Shield, Pouch and Spirit Wand.

·      CAIRN THIRTEEN: Gift of the Faeries~Putting it all together, honoring the sacred Faery Path each day.

***In addition to your 13 Cairns you will also receive the following PDFs as part of your curriculum: Introduction and Supplies or Items Needed for Course


Tuition for this year long curriculum is $195.00. I also offer a payment plan option for those who would like to break up the year into two payments to make this course accessible by all if desired.



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