School FAQs

What are the benefits of enrolling as a student with The Sidhe Grove?

All students that enroll in any of the school’s core curriculum receive some fun magickal benefits to include: A yearly subscription to “By Oak, Ash and Thorn Faery Magazine published quarterly by the Founder of this school; 10% off all products on this website to include further classes so that you can continue your learning; exclusive access to “Pixie Portals” which are wonderful mini workshops on topics such as Faery gardening, herb folklore and more; and as always, unlimited support! Best of all, you become part of a wonderful Faery Tribe of like-minded individuals from all over the Earth!

Will I be certified with your school upon completion of my course?

Yes! All students that successfully complete their chosen courses will receive certification in that study. Each student will also receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion mailed to them with the official “Seal of the Sidhe Grove” upon it and hand signed by the school Founder and Hedgemistress; Joanna Rowan.

Where does the curriculum of The Sidhe Grove come from?

The founder of The Sidhe Grove; Joanna Rowan, writes all of the curriculum, classes and workshops found upon this site. You will NEVER see these classes offered on another website as they are copyright to this school. Joanna works tirelessly on behalf of the Faery realm for the last 20 years, as her life’s work is ensuring that the magick of Faery is firmly rooted here upon our Earthly Realm. Her goal is to bridge that gap between our world and theirs. She is always available to her students to answer questions and help facilitate their growth. Although she may not always respond back right away as she travels and teaches, rest assured you WILL hear back from her directly within a few days unless the trip is longer. Her goal with The Sidhe Grove was to always be accessible to anyone that reaches out to her, especially her students and potential students.

Why should I choose this school over all the others out there?

In this day and age, we understand you have many options and choices from which to receive knowledge. We do however pride ourselves on being a very specialized school for very specific training; working with and learning with the Faery Realm. Joanna holds this work, and her relationship with Faery, very sacred. Not only will you receive completely original, meaningful, and insightful learning, but you will receive the skills needed through the lessons to truly establish your own connection to them. You will receive first-hand knowledge from one who has over twenty years of experience. The courses she writes and develops are filled with magical information and help YOU, the student, develop your own relationship with them. That is what this school is all about! Anyone can read about them, but to learn how to truly grow and learn from them directly, is priceless! We honor ALL paths and feel all of our courses fit beautifully with any of them as they act to enhance one’s knowledge and growth upon the continued learning journey of all! There is no limit to knowledge and our own spiritual growth! We here at The Sidhe Grove support this 100%!

How long before I receive my lessons for your courses?

We have recently made a change to the way the lessons and any needed information is provided to all students. Now, upon payment and within 24 hours a link with a log in and password instructions will be sent to you via email to access any lessons or MP3 files or additional information for the course you are taking. These lessons are accessed through the "Student Portal" on this website. This saves on shipping costs and makes the courses instantly accessible for everyone, including our brothers and sisters across the pond!

What is expected of me as far as assignments or coursework?

For the Path of the Faery Seeker, each Cairn has its own section entitled “Faery Teachings Within the Mound”. There you will be asked to complete Alchemy Assignments. Each month will always have a Journal Alchemy assignment and at least one additional that is applicable to the Cairn itself. At the completion of your 13 Cairns, you will be expected to complete an Essay to receive your certificate of completion as a Faery Seeker of The Sidhe Grove. For the Path of the Faery Doctor, it is similar, you will have lessons for each month of the course, at the end you will be required to turn in an essay and client intake forms for final certification.

Are there additional expenses to complete these courses?

Upon enrollment and within the Student Portal access, you will receive a list of any of the required items that will be needed for you to complete your curriculum. These items will most likely be items you already have around your home. If not, the items can be obtained for minimal money or with some creative ingenuity you may be able to create some of them. Actually, we highly recommend making any of your own tools and items if applicable as it allows you to then put your own energy into the items that you will use throughout the year.

I do not live in the United States, can I still take the courses?

Absolutely, these courses are available to ANYONE and EVERYONE! We welcome you all! As these classes are online, you can do them anywhere at any time!

Is there an age limit to take these courses?

We feel that to embark upon this path, one should be in touch with their inner guide as to what spiritual direction they are drawn towards. It is asked that one be completely honest with themselves on their expectations and what it is they want to get out of this curriculum. It is preferred that you would be 18 years or older but we also honor the old Souls upon this Earth that are in touch with their inner knowing and instinctively feel that this is their true path.

What If I start one of the courses and decide it is not for me?

The Sidhe Grove does not offer refunds on the classes offered. This work is very specific to working within the Realm of Faery, if that is something you are not interested in learning then you most likely will not be on this site to begin with. Since this is an online school, you are provided the materials up front so there would be nothing to return as one could simply keep copies of the PDFs. We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer as much up front information and course descriptions as possible so that you are better able to make an informed decision. As always, if you have questions, please ask beforehand so that it may alleviate your questions as well. Please also see our testimonial page for what some of our amazing students are saying about their experiences!



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